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3 Outfits From Hanady Mehanna's Closet You Should Try 🤩

3 Outfits From Hanady Mehanna's Closet You Should Try 🤩

Egyptian actress Hanady Mehanna became one of the most stylish influencers and she has a different style that makes her unique as she wants to be always.

We have been into Hanady Mehanna’s closet and picked up these outfits to try them.

Here in Wasla, we believe that you deserve the best, with low prices.

We want to help you save your money and it’s our mission all the time.

Check the following 3 outfits and get all you need by using Wasla Browser App. 

Dresses In The Color Mustard Signify The Arrival Of spring and The Great Ambiance It Brings

hanady mehanna
hanady mehanna

One of the bright colors of the spring season is mustard.

Hanady Mehanna chose this color for her clothing, which is somewhat embellished with rose inscriptions to make it more joyful.

*Pay 270 EGP instead of 310 for a long mustard dress adorned with roses (an extra discount of 10 % from Wasla code: FA45).

A Different Outfit Is Needed For a Summer Walk By The Beach

hanady mehanna
hanady mehanna

Beach dresses must be unique, stand out, and feel good on the body.

Hanady Mehanna wore a bright garment with all the colors of nature to make her feel like she was a part of it.

Buy a Sea colored dress from Jumia and save up to 42% (Cashback up to 7% from Wasla).

Always keep your look as unique as Hanady by purchasing through a cashback link and using discount codes.

A Scarf and a Denim Jacket For The Cold Days😉🧣

hanady mehanna
hanady mehanna

The jeans style is ideal for any time; it never goes out of style, yet it is quite fashionable.

Hanady chosed a blue-graded jacket with a yellow-and-white striped scarf.

And because the pants are white, the fit is flawless.

Buy Jacket: Save up to 40% now from American Eagle (Cashback up to 20% from Wasla).

Buy: scarf with wave stitch from Dare by EGP 500 on TFK and enjoy (and an extra discount of 10 % from Wasla, Code Wasla10).

Buy a Wide White Branto Pants and Save 20% (and an extra discount of 10 % from Wasla, Code BR322).

مصطفى ماهر
.مدير المحتوى في شركة وصلة براوزر درست التسويق وإدارة المحتوى، ومهتم بكل الأمور المتعلقة بالتجارة الإلكترونية وصناعة المحتوى بمختلف أنواعه.
May 25, 2022
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