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4 beauty gift ideas for Mother's Day ❤

4 beauty gift ideas for Mother's Day ❤

She's the person who spoils us the most. She knows what we really love and our greatest interests or hobbies in life.

When it comes to indulging us, no one knows how to do it better than Mom. Yet, she doesn't get as much indulgence as she really deserves.

For Mother's Day 2022 Wasla Browser is bringing you 4 beauty gift ideas to indulge Mom's feminine side💥

1- Protecting her eyes from dark circles frees her from wearing makeup a lot

  • A lot of women wouldn't wear makeup if it wasn't for the dark circles around their eyes.
  • The area around the eye is pretty sensitive and needs persistent special care.

Catch: 10% off of chamomile gentle eye-makeup remover for 225 EGP from The Body Shop (20% discount from Wasla using code "ACR0").

2- Body lotions tend to change the mood because of their scents

  • After the shower, the body needs to be moisturized.
  • Flowery or fruity scents definitely put any human being in a better mood.

Catch: 66% off of "Paris Amour" body lotion for 115 EGP from Bath & Body Works (up to 20% cashback from Wasla).

Also, check out: Finding Ola's outfit.. Add these 5 items to your wardrobe 🔥

3- Skincare routines also put women in a more refreshing mindset

  • Dead skin cells have a harmful effect on how the skin shines.
  • The process of skincare routines refreshes both the mind and the soul afterward.

Catch: 32% off of Moroccan skincare package "olive oil extract soap + argan oil extract soap + Moroccan fiber loofah" for 153 EGP from Jumia (up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

4- Her face needs constant moisturizing to maintain a young look


  • Elastin and collagen are necessary proteins for the skin to be hydrated.
  • Day errands with exposure to heat and sun, require moisturizing the face twice a day.

Catch: 33% off of ST. Ives facial moisturizer with collagen and elastin 283g for 150 EGP from Noon (10% discount from Wasla using code "FA44").

Also read 5 pieces... to look like Mayan El Sayed😍

Invite your friends to buy their Mother's Day gifts to increase your points and the discounts you get on your next buy with Wasla Browser.

بسنت خليفة
كاتبة ومنسقة محتوى بوصلة براوزر. درست العلاقات العامة والاعلان بكلية الاعلام. اهتم بمتابعة تطور الأدوات الاعلامية المختلفة، وعلى وجه الخصوص المحتوى الاعلامي عبر الانترنت ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي.
March 1, 2022
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