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5 pieces... to look like Mayan El Sayed😍

5 pieces... to look like Mayan El Sayed😍

You probably either recognize her for her role as "Yara" in "Newton's Cradle" or " "Khadija" in "My Life Dream" episode of "Except my Story" series.

Mayan El Sayed (24 years old) also grabbed the attention with her fashion sense on the red carpet in both "El Gouna Film Festival" and "Cairo International Film Festival".

Recently, Mayan El Sayed also set Instagram on fire with a cute winter outfit.

And as usual, Wasla Browser brought the best offers on each piece just for you.

Going for simplicity.. basic knitwear turtleneck

mayan el sayed

If you aim to look elegant during the winter, simplicity would be your answer.

Here, Mayan picked up a basic brown knitwear slim fit sweater to compliment her figure.

 Get a brown basic slim fit knitwear sweater with 20% discount from DeFacto (plus up to 7.5% cashback from Wasla).

Jeans are an easy practical choice for day-to-day errands

mayan elsayed

Jeans are not just comfortable to wear, but also very easy to match with other clothes.

Straight-cut jeans are ideal for winter outfits, as they look better with boots.

They especially look stunning if you fold them above the ankle boots' edge.

 Get straight-cut blue jeans with a 15% discount from Brantu (plus an extra 20% from Wasla using code "WE9"). (plus an extra 20% from Wasla using code "WE9").

For an elegant yet adventurous look... go for a leather coat like mayan el sayed

mayan el sayed

No one can deny that leather in outfits instantly grabs the eye.

More specifically, leather outerwear suit both morning and night outfits.

  Get a Faux leather light brown fit pocket coat with a 20% discount from DeFacto (plus up to 7.5% cashback from Wasla).

mayan elsayed

Of course boots are the ideal footwear for the winter as they provide warmth for legs and feet.

Also, boots could turn a tame outfit into a hot one like Mayan El Sayed.

Get Leather ankle neck camel boots with a 30% discount from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla). (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

Zebra patterns are always hot and trendy 🔥 imagine on a bag

Zebra patterns are never old-fashioned.

A shoulder bag with zebra patterns adds the right glamorous touch to an uncomplicated winter outfit.

Get a casual handbag with zebra patterns for only EGP 250 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

Remember, every purchase you make with Wasla Browser will increase your points and the discounts you get on future purchases. 😉

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What do you need to know about Mayan El Sayed?

Egyptian actress born in Cairo on 7 November 1997.

Mayan studied theater and cinema at the American University in Cairo.

She made her debut in 2016. She appeared in several works including the TV series The President's Shadow (2017), Like It Was Yesterday (2018), and The Father of Girls (2016).

بسنت خليفة
كاتبة ومنسقة محتوى بوصلة براوزر. درست العلاقات العامة والاعلان بكلية الاعلام. اهتم بمتابعة تطور الأدوات الاعلامية المختلفة، وعلى وجه الخصوص المحتوى الاعلامي عبر الانترنت ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي.
January 20, 2022
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