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Buy Them at Half Price! The Top 5 Valentine Gifts From Amazon for 2023

Buy Them at Half Price! The Top 5 Valentine Gifts From Amazon for 2023

Kiss every year’s dilemma goodbye, because Wasla has your back this year with an unmissable offer on the Valentine’s gifts you are looking for!

Wasla will grant you 50% cashback on perfumes, wallets, jewelry, chocolate and watches from Amazon, starting February 1st and up until February 15th. Get your life partner a gift for half the price! Order now to make sure your gift arrives before Valentine’s Day!

The Top Women and Men’s Perfumes From Amazon With 50% Savings

Now, buy your Valentine’s Day perfume through Wasla and get 50% cashback up to L.E 500. You will also get our suggestions for specific world-class perfume brands, making sure that your gift really hits home, while saving you some good money.

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

One of the best women’s perfumes globally, it is rated 4.4 / 5 on Amazon, taking its place as a truly beloved scent with buyers. The 100ml bottle goes for L.E 911, at a discount of 33% from Amazon. Buying this perfume through WaslaBrowser will earn you L.E 500 cashback – a total saving of L.E 800 on a fantastic gift.

Calvin Klein Women's Euphoria by CK

Hit bullseye with this ladies favorite. It is rated 4 / 5 on Amazon, and the 100ml bottle goes for about L.E 1400 after a 20% discount from Amazon. Getting this one through Wasla will earn you L.E 500 cashback, bringing up your total savings to L.E 850. What a steal!

Classic Black For Men by Jaguar

A men’s favorite in 2023, and a classy gift for your life partner this Valentine's Day. Rated at 3.7 / 5 on Amazon, the 100ml bottle goes for L.E 520 after a 29% discount. Get it from WaslaBrowser and get L.E 260 cashback right into your Wasla Wallet, saving about L.E 500.

Eau De Lacoste For Men by Lacoste

We know that you know Lacoste. A valuable Valentine’s gift for a valuable someone. Rated 4.6 / 5 on Amazon, the 100ml version goes for L.E 1360, and buying Eau De Lacoste through WaslaBrowser will reap you L.E 500 cashback in your Wasla Wallet.

The Wallet: A Classic Valentines Gift – Now at Half the Price With Wasla

An easy pick when unsure, it is loved for its affordability and simplicity, while still requiring a connoisseur to pick the right one for the right person.

Amazon offers a wonderful assortment of wallets from nearly every brand you could possibly think of, and buying them through Wasla will fetch you a 50% cashback on any wallet you purchase, so don’t stress about the cash.

50% Cashback on Jewelry Purchased Through Amazon

Jewelry is a gift saved for the dearly beloved. If your budget allows for it, get on Amazon now and buy the perfect gift for your favorite person. You will enjoy massive savings because Wasla will grant you 50% cashback, up to L.E 400 on your purchase.

If It’s Chocolate, It’s Ferrero Collection. Save Over L.E 150 With Wasla

The simplest, yet super valuable Valentine’s gift is chocolate. And you can’t skip Ferrero Collection when you’re talking about chocolate. Get a 275g box with an assortment of 24 fabulous chocolates at L.E 310 after Amazon’s discount, and you will get 50% cashback, (around L.E 155). That’s a double-saving!

Save Over 50% on a Valentine’s Day Gift Watch From Amazon

Watches work for both genders and are universally treasured gifts. So get going and get it done on Amazon. Choose from amongst 30,000 different watch models at varying discounts, and don’t forget to activate your cashback on Wasla before purchasing, lest you miss out on 50% cashback! 

Wasla has got you covered this Valentine’s Day, now go ahead and celebrate your love!

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February 7, 2023
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