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Buying Electronics on Black Friday? Check Out Wasla’s Tips and Tricks!

Buying Electronics on Black Friday? Check Out Wasla’s Tips and Tricks!

Electronics have become very expensive after the recent price increases, so it’s natural to want to wait until Black Friday to make your next electronics purchase.

And because we understand that buying electronics online can be worrying for some, we’re here to bring you the best tips and tricks so you can find the right products and buy everything you need without any hassle.

First things first: Set your budget

  • If you don’t have a budget before buying, you might spend on products that aren’t your priority.
  • When your overall budget is set, you can determine how much you’re willing to spend on each product.
  • Your budget can be flexible but ensure you have a maximum budget so you don’t overspend.

Wasla is here to help you find the best Black Friday discounts

  • Remember, having a budget doesn’t mean you don’t need to find the best offers and savings.
  • Pay attention before adding to your cart during Black Friday to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.
  • Search for the product you want on several online shops and merchants to ensure you’re getting the best discount or cashback offer possible.
  • Shop through Wasla so you can combine all the fantastic Black Friday offers with Wasla’s additional discounts and cashback offers for maximum savings.

Don’t forget to check the reviews

  • Regarding online shopping, remember that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better quality.
  • Before you trust a product based on its price, check its reviews to learn more about other users’ experiences and the product’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • If you can’t find enough reviews on the website, search for reviews on YouTube and the Wasla blog to prepare you with all the necessary information.

Read the product description carefully

  • Like reviews, product descriptions are critical in helping you determine if this product is right for you.
  • If you can’t find a proper description on the website, search for it on Wasla to have all the technical information and specifications before buying.

Win 200 EGP from Wasla on your first cashback order during Black Friday

Whether you prefer Amazon Egypt, Tradeline, Bath& Body Works, Noon Egypt, B.TECH, or Jumia, you’re guaranteed to find what you need with the 50+ merchants available on Wasla.

We’ve got plenty of hot deals for you throughout November, and the first one is the 200 EGP cashback you’ll get on your first order when you spend 700 EGP or more.

This year, Wasla is celebrating Black Friday with its Endless Friday campaign, which offers you discount after discount and double the savings – so the more you buy, the more hot deals you’ll find!

Ready to make the most of Black Friday with our tips and tricks?

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November 1, 2022
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