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Sun-Kissed Savings: Dive into the May PayDay Cashback deal with Wasla!

Sun-Kissed Savings: Dive into the May PayDay Cashback deal with Wasla!

Hot Deals

Get ready to make a splash this summer with Wasla's May PayDay deal! With the weather getting hotter, our attention turns toward the sun-soaked season ahead. And guess what? Wasla is here to ensure you dive into summer with extra savings in your pocket!


Wasla’s May PayDay Deal: 300 EGP Cashback on Any Orders above 1000 EGP

Introducing the May PayDay Cashback deal: Earn 300 EGP Cashback on Any Order Surpassing 1000 EGP. It's your golden opportunity to embrace the spirit of summer while keeping your budget cool and refreshing, no more compromising on your summer dreams!

Here's how you can seize the savings:

  1. Embrace the sunny vibes and open the Wasla mobile app.
  2. Discover a treasure trove of irresistible offers and discounts from various eCommerce stores.
  3. Look out for your favorite cashback partners like Amazon, H&M, Bath & Body Works, and American Eagle.
  4. Activate Cashback before you hit that "Buy" button on Wasla.
  5. Add all your summer must-haves to your cart, totaling 1000 EGP or more.
  6. Complete your purchase with a smile and choose your preferred payment method.
  7. Keep a close eye on your wallet as you await your cashback adventure!

How Can I Get My Cashback?

You might be curious about how and when you can enjoy your well-deserved cashback. After your purchase, head to your wallet, where you'll find your cashback status initially marked as "Pending." Fear not, this is all part of the process. Wasla will diligently verify the successful completion of your transaction with the merchant, a process that typically takes around 14 days. Once confirmed, an exciting notification will light up your app, updating you on your account status.

With approval comes the thrill of 300 EGP cashback, ready to fuel your summer dreams. You can use it as Wasla Gift Cards or simply cash it out – the choice is yours!

Important Reminder: To ensure a smooth and delightful cashback experience, kindly follow the instructions provided during the purchasing process. Remember, every purchase through Wasla not only brings you closer to your summer aspirations but also rewards you with fantastic discounts and cashback offers.


So, get ready to make this summer an extraordinary one, filled with endless adventures, relaxation, and remarkable savings. Start planning your summer shopping spree today and seize the May PayDay Cashback deal! ☀️💰

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May 28, 2023
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