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Ramadan Is Better With Wasla – 7 Ways to Experience the Ramadan Vibes While Saving

Ramadan Is Better With Wasla – 7 Ways to Experience the Ramadan Vibes While Saving

Ramadan is the month we all wait for every year, with its warm family gatherings and joyful, spiritual and blessed vibes. We always try and make it better every year, and this year it surely is, and for many reasons.

First off, we will help you fill your home with Ramadan decorations and ornaments to put a smile on your family and loved ones. You will also get a chance to partake in charity through Ramadan boxes, as well as prepare for Eid with fabulous new clothes from your favorite brands.

All of this while saving and getting cashback on more than one purchase, up to a whole 100%! How good is Ramadan this year with Wasla?

Up to 30% Discounts on Ramadan Decorations From Amazon, and 30% Cashback From Us!

Wasla has decided to bring joy to everyone this year with plenty of Ramadan offers on everything you need, including decorations and ornaments. The Ramadan decorations offer is one of the Wasla Gems in the holy month, which you can get to through the application.

You can open Wasla, go to Amazon, activate cashback and purchase any decoration you want, complete your payment and leave the rest to us.

After we confirm your transaction with the merchant, we will return 30% of what you paid as cashback, capped at L.E 400. Amazon also has discounts of up to 30% on Ramadan decorations and free delivery on most products, making Ramadan a real big joy!

Fill Your Home With Ramadan’s Yamish – Stock Up on Groceries and Save 50%

Wasla will help make this Ramadan joyful, keeping your home stocked with Yamish and all the groceries you need.

Activate cashback and order all you need from Amazon and you will get 50% cashback on your transaction after we confirm its completion with the merchant. So go ahead and buy all the groceries you need and forget about the money, because either way, you save half the price with Wasla.

Wasla’s Ramadan Gift – A Chance to Win L.E 300 Every Week!

Here’s an offer spanning the entire month of Ramadan for our Wasla users: A weekly chance to win L.E 300 as a gift from Wasla. Complete any order on Wasla during the month of Ramadan to enter the competition with 16 Wasla users all month long for this gift.

Every weekend will have 4 Wasla winners getting L.E 300 in their wallets to spend as they please. Do not miss the chance and order right now to make the best of this awesome opportunity!

This Is Real: Maamoul Is Free in Ramadan!

Wasla has an offer on Maamoul date biscuits for you, all Ramadan long. 

When you purchase Maamoul from Amazon, you will get 100% of its price as cashback in your wallet. Just remember to activate cashback before your purchase.

If you wish to go for Umrah or travel to Saudi Arabia for any reason – You get L.E 1500 cashback on your flight

Save L.E 1500 on your flight to Saudi Arabia for Ramadan’s Umrah during the holy month. Wasla has an offer for anyone traveling to Saudi Arabia for any purpose during the month of Ramadan.

When booking a return flight from Egypt to Saudi Arabia through Fly Nas or Kiwi during the month of Ramadan, you will get L.E 1500 cashback on your wallet, in no less than the 14 days needed for the merchant to confirm the transaction. After that, the money is yours for the taking.

Here are some more details about this offer.

Post-feast Crises – Save and Buy a Dishwasher Through Amazon and Get L.E 1000 Cashback

Mother’s day is intersecting with the start of Ramadan this year, and we know and appreciate mom’s efforts and struggles with washing dishes after massive feasts, so we are here with a great offer on a great dishwasher from Amazon.

You will get L.E 1000 in cashback in your wallet upon buying mom (or the house) a dishwasher. That’s that for the endless dishwashing segment of every feast and gathering.

Eid Clothes From Your Favorite Brands on Wasla – Massive Discounts and 40% Cashback

Wasla hasn’t forgotten that the joy of Ramadan is followed by the joy of Eid, in which you need new clothes for you and your family. This is why we created a cashback offer on your favorite brands.

From April 2nd to April 28th, when you buy your Eid clothes from H&M, American Eagle, DeFacto, Amazon or Mothercare, Wasla will give you 40% cashback on your purchases, capped at L.E 500.

Also, these stores have their own discounts, meaning you will get to vogue up and get into the best outfits with great savings, using your Ramadan savings to finance your eid shopping.

And there you have it: an easy recipe for savings through our offers during the holy month, making Ramadan better every year with Wasla.

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March 29, 2023
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