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Umrah in Ramadan and Beyond. This Year Is Extra-Blessed: Save L.E 1500 on Your Flight With Wasla

Umrah in Ramadan and Beyond. This Year Is Extra-Blessed: Save L.E 1500 on Your Flight With Wasla

Wasla’s Ramadan Offers are something else this year, and will definitely switch up how you celebrate the holy month this time around. We’ve got a super-deal that will give you huge savings on your next Ramadan Pilgrimage trip. 


This offer is one of Wasla’s “Ramadan Gem”, which you will find everywhere on the app during March and through the 21st of April. Stay updated and don’t let any of these smashing deals slip past you.


So, How Do We Save L.E 1500 Through Wasla When Going for This Year’s Ramadan Pilgrimage?

It’s simple: Go through with your standard Umrah procedures up until the flight booking stage, then get on the Wasla app and book a return flight to Saudi Arabia through Flynas or Kiwi. Booking a return flight is mandatory to qualify for this offer.

Upon completion of the booking procedure and payment, you will get an L.E 1500 cashback in your wallet, after a period of no less than the 14 days required for the merchant to confirm the transaction. After that, the money is yours to do with as you please.

This offer is valid for any round-trip flight to Saudi Arabia, and for any purpose, not just Umrah. So if you’ve got a business trip or a family visit, you’re good to go! 

Now that you’re becoming a pro in cashback offers, you know by now that you’ve got to activate cashback from the Deal Finder prior to making a purchase.

Remember to take a look at the offers’ terms and conditions to know more about the promotions, as well as brush up on what you get and what you’ve got to do to enjoy it.

We wish you and your loved ones a blessed Holy Month of Ramadan ♥

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March 7, 2023
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