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5 Jewels Less Than 1000 EGP 🤩

5 Jewels Less Than 1000 EGP 🤩

Gifts make miracles, they can bring your lover back, and can forget someone's grief or make her more joyous. You just have to choose what works for her.

Jewelry has a special place for women, choose from 5 jewelry

A beautiful bracelet always goes well with a nice outfit

Choose bracelets for her, it means a lot of romantic meanings as well as being an indispensable piece in her accessories collection, she can be worn with a casual look or even at a party and evening.

 So she'll still remember you and smile a lot of times. Bracelet is always a great choice

Buy it now: 28% off from Brantu, in addition to 20% off when you use Wasla  code: BR322

Earrings not only increase the value of any outfit but also show respect for its wearer

Earrings add more attractiveness to every woman and add to the gift holder amounts of love so that you can buy an earring with confidence ،she will wear it at every special event with an elegant outfit. 

Buy it now: 60% off from Jumia and up to 7% cashback from Wasla

Find the right necklace to match her outfit

The necklace expresses a lot of what you can't say directly, and it's also an essential piece in her morning and evening jewelry collection. Always choose it to fit her own style.

Buy it now: Multi-colored crystal and beads necklace with 20% off from TFK and an additional 10% discount when using Wasla code: wasla10

Rings are the most popular gift!

The ring expresses many meanings in relationships, and it is the joker piece of the collection, may be simple to wear with a formal outfit, glossy to wear with a classy evening dress, or soft to fit into the sea or day clothes in summer.

 Choose the right ring to renew your vow of love and help her to shine every time you meet.

Buy it now:  Sterling silver ring with 30% off from Jumia and up to 7% cashback from Wasla

Find the best anklet for her

The best gift for the summer, she can wear it with beachwear!
she can also wear it with summer shoes due to its bright and cheerful summer colors. 

She will definitely like your choice.

Buy it now:  Anklet full foot chains ×turquoisewith 45% off from Jumia

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