Wasla Secures $1M Investment!

Wasla Browser Successfully Secures $1M SEED Funding From Venture Capital Investors To Take Vision Forward

Wasla Browser announces today that it has successfully secured one million dollars in its latest round of funding, after a year of organic growth, continuous testing and product development. The round was backed by Egypt Ventures, Glint Ventures, and EBTIKAR for Financial Investments, in addition to a group of strategic angel investors. Proceeds from the funding round are allocated towards fueling the Company’s go-to-market strategy, growing the team, and the introduction of new product verticals.

After launching a beta version of Wasla Browser in December 2018, Wasla successfully attracted over 100,000 users organically, with no marketing activities. This initial traction allowed Wasla to prove product market fit and the growing need for affordable mobile internet.

The Wasla Co-Founders expressed their excitement on closing the round, adding “We are very happy to have reached this milestone, we couldn’t have achieved it if it wasn’t for the hard work and excitement put forward by our team. To each Wasla team member, this is only the beginning, but we thank you and collectively we are building the foundation of something big and exciting! Now, we start to rapidly scale our user base while further developing our two new product verticals which shall be introduced during 2020. Finally, we are grateful to the investors who continue to show their support and excitement to help us build our vision further."

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