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Ask your customers and take a data driven approach. Post a survey on Wasla, select your target audience, and get up to 10,000 responses in 3 days.

Start Asking
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For Smarter And Faster Decisions

Surveys are posted on the Wasla Browser Missions page and pushed towards the target audience and criteria that your brand specifies.

Once a respondent fill outs the survey, they get rewarded with free mobile airtime.

Create Your Own

Have a survey ready already?
Great, because we have the respondents ready to answer.

Usage & Attitude

Get a deeper understanding of your market and their habits, need gaps and category usage.

Concept Testing

Concept tests increases the prospect of that idea’s conversion rates by up to 75%.

Brand Health

Evaluate your brand in the market and increase your market share vs. competition.


Put your media mix to the test and identify the impact of your branding and communication.

Customer Satisfaction

Talk to your customers and measure their satisfaction with your services.

Wasla Partner Solutions

We offer unique solutions to help you understand, find, convert, and reward your customers!

Our Services Include Affiliate Marketing, Surveys & Insights, Advertising, and Loyalty Services.
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