Wasla Reward

Reward users on your platform with mobile airtime and retail vouchers for completing actions that matter the most for your business.

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reward Users for completing important actions Inside your platform

Wasla’s Reward API is easily integrated & customizable regardless of the industry you’re in. Wasla Reward is a service that lets you drive actions that matter most across your assets including mobile apps, games, websites, and offline stores by rewarding users in real time with mobile credit

1. Set the Action

Set the action that you want to drive and the amount to be rewarded to users.

2. User Engages

Users engage and complete the action you set (works online and offline).

3. User is Rewarded

Wasla fulfills the rewards and you have now won your customer's loyalty.

Wasla Partner Solutions

We offer unique solutions to help you understand, find, convert, and reward your customers!

Our Services Include Affiliate Marketing, Surveys & Insights, Advertising, and Loyalty Services.
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