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Wasla cashback: How to get your money back?!

Wasla cashback: How to get your money back?!

In line with our promise to help you continuously and always save money when you shop online, Wasla has launched its cashback feature that will help you earn a percentage of the total price tag back in the form of Wasla points. 

As you might already know, shoppers on Wasla enjoy an endless stream of discount codes and coupons that can easily be accessed upon landing on any partner's online store. By clicking on the coupon, the code will be automatically copied to your clipboard where you can paste it at checkout. The discount codes are available on both the Wasla application and on our Google Chrome Extension. 

When it comes to cashback on Wasla, the journey is much simpler than that. All you need to do is click “activate”.  Let’s dive a little deeper into this “activate” and what to expect.

Now, you have the right to choose among the various saving advantages, when you shop via the use of Wasla. 

You can use Wasla’s discount coupons and the Discounts’ offers which are available on Wasla browser phone App,  and Google Chrome Extension. Or by choosing the new Cashback Feature from Wasla.

In this case, you will first pay, then you will get a percentage of your money back ... So, how is that??

Wasla Cashback ...a new feature from the first shopping and savings browser in Egypt

Wasla cashback

Not all of our merchant stores have the cashback feature, you can always know which brands do have it from either the deals page or the cashback icon on the merchant store’s logo from the homepage.

When you activate the cashback feature, you will find about 20 brands with which Wasla has a collaboration for you to benefit from Wasla Cashback Feature, when you shop from their sites.

How does cashback on Wasla Browser work?

1- If you do not have Wasla ...then,  download the latest version on your mobile phone 

2 -Via the use of  Wasla, you will be able to open and browse any site that you want to buy from. 

3- By visiting the merchant store’s site, our deal finder (from the bottom of your screen) will alert you with the discount codes or cashback deals available to that store. If the deal finder is not triggered upon landing on that site, click on the price-tag icon on the right side of the Google search bar (only if it is lit up).

4- Click on “activate” next to the cashback offer to make sure it is enabled. You’ll get a loading screen that has important terms and conditions that you should read for your own knowledge. Once it reaches 100% (which should take less than two seconds), click on next to start shopping as usual.

5- Make sure your shopping cart is empty before activating cashback and that you don’t add any discount code in the promo code section of that merchant’s store site. 

6- After completing your shopping trip, make sure to check the "History" tab in your wallet to see the cashback points you've earned from your transaction. This process may take up to 3 business days. 

7- After the specified period, your Cashback will appear in the pending points’ box.

8- Your cashback points will remain pending for 60-90 days until your purchase is confirmed by the merchant. 

9- After the merchant confirms the transaction, you will receive a notification from Wasla, showing you that the cashback points have been added to your Wasla wallet.

The top brands that return the cashback to you on Wasla

Now, you can receive your Cashback from about 20 online stores, for the best local and international brands.

The most important electronic stores from which you can start your purchase process:

1- H&M

3- Amazon

2- Bath & Body Works

3- Jumia

4- Mothercare:

5- American Eagle:

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December 5, 2021
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