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Free your bedrooms from chaos in 7 easy steps from Jumia😉

Free your bedrooms from chaos in 7 easy steps from Jumia😉

No one can deny how cluttered homes affect our productivity and mood.

For many people, bedrooms are considered as their sanctuaries, where they kick back to forget about daily stress.

Therefore, it's very important for one's mental health to prioritize decluttering bedrooms at home.

As Wasla Browser is all about "saving", today it provides you with the main products,  tips, and tricks to save space and declutter bedrooms.

1- Get rid of surface clutter

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  • First of all, make sure to declutter all surfaces in the room.
  • Use storage compartments to save space and organize.

Get: Rectangular 4 parts unit organizer with 65% discount at EGP 65 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

2- Shoes occupy a lot of bedroom floor

messy bedroom
  • Those occasional shoes you need every now and then, are crowding a lot of space.
  • To reach them later without re-creating chaos, make sure to display them openly.

Get: Metal 10 level shoe organizer with 51% discount at EGP 145 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

3- Clear your dresser's surface

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  • Your dresser attracts clutter all the time with makeup, skincare products.., etc.
  • But the drawers don't provide enough space for all these products.

Get: Drawer partition organizer with 69% discount at EGP 29 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

4- Make your jewelry reachable with no chaos

home accessories
  • Jewelry needs to be kept aside so it won't be ruined.
  • Searching through them easily saves time and effort.

Get: Storage 4-layer box case with 51% discount at EGP 85 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

5- Organize all your makeup in one place

  • Make-up also takes a lot of space on your dresser.
  • According to its name, the dresser is actually the place for your make-up.

Get: 360 Rotating makeup acrylic transparent organizer with 15% discount at EGP 170 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

6- Your closet also needs decluttering

  • Identify specific places in your closet for bags and fashion accessories.
  • Display them openly to prevent chaos from happening every time you use any of them.

Get: Bags organizer 6 pocket cupboard with 56% discount at EGP 39 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

7- Clothes' drawers always get rearranged

  • Drawers for socks and underwear tend to be all over the place.
  • These drawers attract clutter to the rest of the closet.

Get: 3 foldable socks and underwear pieces drawer organizer with 51% discount at EGP 99 from Jumia (plus up to 7% cashback from Wasla).

So, hurry up and declutter your bedroom to relax and have a better sleep tonight.

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February 6, 2022
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