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Save 40 EGP on Your First 3 Orders Using Elmenus Promo Code

Save 40 EGP on Your First 3 Orders Using Elmenus Promo Code

The recent price increases have affected the prices of electronics, home appliances, clothes, and even food. 

Because we’re always looking for the latest elmenus codes to get offers on our meals, we’re here to bring you even bigger discounts so you can enjoy all your favorite dishes from elmenus Egypt at a discount.

Now you can find elmenus Egypt on Wasla, so all you need to do is open elmenus from the Wasla app and explore each elmenus promo code to find the best discounts and hot deals.

How can you save 40 EGP on your order from elmenus promo code?


Wasla helps you save money on everything you buy, including delicious meals, which is why you can save 40 EGP on your first three orders from elmenus Egypt exceeding 100 EGP. Let’s show you how!

 Download the Wasla app on your phone. If you already have the app, make sure you have the latest version.

elmenus promo code

Open the Wasla app and browse all our hot deals.


Wasla app

On the app’s home page, you’ll find several links leading to our elmenus promo code.


elmenus codes

Open elmenus Egypt from Wasla and you’ll find the offer banner at the bottom.


elmenus Egypt

Click on the offer banner and copy Wasla promo code IT376 to enjoy 40 EGP off your first three orders exceeding 100 EGP.


elmenus promo code

Open the elmenus Egypt app and make your order, then paste the elmenus promo code to activate your discount.


elmenus Egypt app

Enjoy your meal and wait for more elmenus codes on Wasla for unlimited savings!

Find the best deals on elmenus Egypt


best deals on elmenus

You’ll always find a great elmenus promo code and Wasla promo code to buy all your favorite foods for less. 

And if you’re looking for a specific dish, search elmenus Egypt using the ‘dishes’ filter to compare prices from different restaurants!

Enjoy the fastest food delivery on elmenus Egypt

After browsing elmenus Egypt for your favorite dishes, all you need to do is use Wasla promo code IT376 to get an instant 40 EGP discount on your first three orders for more than 100 EGP. 

And with the latest elmenus app update, you can track your order until it arrives and contact your delivery captain directly.

With more than 6,000 restaurants and more than 500 thousand dishes, elmenus Egypt has changed the way we order food, and there’s always a new elmenus promo code available when you want to find good offers from your favorite restaurants.

Established in 2011, elmenus Egypt has helped users around the country access the menus of all their preferred restaurants in Egypt to explore new and delicious cuisines.

After that, the developers of elmenus Egypt decided to create a new app for iOS and Android, and now you can use your mobile phone to order from your favorite restaurant and pay using cash or a card.

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August 15, 2022
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