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 Up to 50% off from Faces.. check 4 fragrances that smell like spring

Up to 50% off from Faces.. check 4 fragrances that smell like spring

The smell of flowers is in the air announcing the Spring Season.

Ahead comes this desire to wear an exquisite refreshing perfume.

And here comes "Faces" with 50% discounts not to let you hesitate any further.

To save your time, Wasla got you 4 superb perfumes with great deals to check out.

1- A "Muse" perfume from Lancôme is the unique scent you need.

  • "La Vie est belle" or life is beautiful is a unique signature exclusively created for Lancôme.
  • And with a sweet floral fragrance family, it is definitely the most suitable addition to your perfume collection.

Catch: the 100 ml bottle of "La Vie est belle" Lancôme perfume for EGP 2400 from Faces (plus up to 8.4% cashback from Wasla).

2- For him.. a citrus note will provide you the freshness required that is desired for the spring

  • With the weather getting warmer and running errands all day, a scent of freshness and adventure is needed.
  • Sandalwood, amber and white musk are added value to the freshness of citrus.

Catch: 40% discount on the 200 ml bottle from "Chrome" Azzaro perfume for EGP 1290 from Faces (plus up to 8.4% cashback from Wasla).

3- The design of the perfume bottle will make you sense the spiciness

  • A "Muse" au de perfume from Jean Paul Gaultier from the tangy fragrance family is what a woman needs for Spring nights.
  • The richness of jasmine and a woody base along with orange and vanilla keynotes provide a new interpretation of femininity.

Catch: 20% discount on 100 ml bottle from "Jean Paul Gaultier" Muse Eau de Parfum for EGP 1900 from Faces (plus up to 8.4% from Wasla).

4- Be a stylish hero and challenge habitual stereotypes of masculinity

بسنت خليفة
كاتبة ومنسقة محتوى بوصلة براوزر. درست العلاقات العامة والاعلان بكلية الاعلام. اهتم بمتابعة تطور الأدوات الاعلامية المختلفة، وعلى وجه الخصوص المحتوى الاعلامي عبر الانترنت ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي.
April 6, 2022
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